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Patagonian conure (burrowing parrot) on a black metal base

Real stuffed Patagonian conure (burrowing parakeet) on a black metal base. Rare piece of taxidermy made according the current taxidermy standards. The bird (43 cm) is treated against insect damage and have a closed footring.

The burrowing parrot (Cyanoliseus patagonus), also known as the burrowing parakeet or the Patagonian conure, is a species of parrot native to Argentina and Chile. The burrowing parrot prefers dry, open country, particularly in the vicinity of water courses, up to 2000 m in elevation. Habitats include montane grassy shrubland, Patagonian steppes, arid lowland and woodland savanna. They may also inhabit farmland and the edges of urban areas. The diet of the burrowing parrot comprises seeds, berries, fruits, and possibly vegetable matter, and they can be seen feeding on the ground or in trees and shrubs. Best known for its nesting habits, the burrowing parrot excavates industrious burrows in limestone or sandstone cliff faces, often in ravines. These burrows can be as much as 3 m deep into a cliff-face, connecting with other tunnels to create a labyrinth, ending in a nesting chamber. Breeding pairs will reuse burrows from previous years but may enlarge them. They nest in large colonies, some of the largest ever recorded for parrots.

Please note that this item can only be send within the European Union due to customs legislation.

H 42 cm               W 40 cm              D 23 cm

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