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Blue-fronted amazon

Blue-fronted amazon on a black metal base

Real stuffed blue-fronted parrot on a black metal base. Rare piece of taxidermy made according the current taxidermy standards.

The bird (33 cm) is treated against insect damage and has a closed footring.

The blue-fronted amazon (Amazona aestiva), also called the turquoise-fronted parrot, the turquoise-fronted amazon and the blue-fronted parrot, is a South American species of amazon parrot and one of the most common amazon parrots kept in captivity as a pet or companion parrot. Its common name is derived from the distinctive turquoise marking on its head just above its beak.

The range of the turquoise-fronted amazon extends over eastern and northern Bolivia, eastern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. It is found in forests, woodland, savanna and palm groves.

Please note that this item can only be send within the European Union due to customs legislation.

H: 36.5 cm -  W: 16 cm - D: 27 cm

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