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Superb parrot on a black metal base

Real stuffed superb parrot on a black metal base. Rare piece of taxidermy made according the current taxidermy standards. The bird (37 cm) is treated against insect damage and has a closed footring.

An Australian endemic, the superb parrot is restricted to the dry woodlands of New South Wales and Victoria. It nests on hollow limb or a hole in a tree. During breeding season, small flocks of males often forage for food alone. Pairs may nest in a loose colonial system of as many as 6 pairs, so females are in the neighborhood at this time. The diet consists mainly of eucalypt flowers, fruits, nectar and pollen. 

Please note that this item can only be send within the European Union due to customs legislation.

H 34,5 cm           W 13,5 cm          D 25 cm

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